Cocktails and Capers

Cult Films, Cocktails, Crime, and Cool

COCKTAILS & CAPERS by Keith Allison weaves together cinematic, cocktail, crime, and pop culture history, paired with a selection of classic cocktails and occasional listening recommendations to help readers set the mood. It is irreverent but respectful researched but freewheeling. Think of it as sitting up late with a group of tipsy friends interested in the esoterica of entertainment history, entertainment as history, and history as entertainment.

About the Author

Keith Allison is a writer and pop culture historian living in Brooklyn, New York. Keith grew up in Oldham County, Kentucky, went to school in Gainesville, Florida, and relocated to city of New York in the balmy month of February, 1998, after a few months spent living in Charlotte, North Carolina didn’t work out. His interest in film and adventure started at an early age, when he was left to his own devices in the wee small hours and discovered the Universal monsters, Godzilla, and Matinee at the Bijou. As time passed, he became interested in the tangled way in which history and film intertwined as well as the lifestyles portrayed in cinema. Pulling them all together and writing about has been a hobby, obsession, and profession since the early 1990s.

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