A Gaggle of Gogol 13

Japan’s most famous hitman traces his roots back to James bond manga, but became very much his own thing, whether being played by Takakura Ken, Sonny Chiba, or in gory over-the-top 1980s animation.

Hitler’s Head

But the thing was ugly. It had feathers glued all over the top of its head, hideous eyes, and most chilling of all, actual human teeth glued haphazardly into the rough-hewn mouth.

One Perfect Moment

I am an incorrigible stage manager, or situation manager, if you prefer. The movies, books, and music I love most trigger a certain mood, which is more important to me than plot or character.

Like a Hawk

A 2003 interview with pro skater Tony Hawk, ostensibly about his then-new line of action figures, but we managed to veer off into other territory, including discussion of the “butt-splitter.”


I Love this Dirty Town

It’s after dark, when the city is at its best. Men in suits and women in cocktail dresses stumble into and out of cabs, into and out of nightclubs. People who want to be seen, people who want to see. Movers, shakers, power players, hustlers, hyenas. The kings and queens, the wannabes, the has-beens, the never-will-be’s.


Brass Before Ass

Before Salon Kitty redirected his career toward sex films, and before Caligula became the most infamous movie in the world, Tinto Brass was just another idealistic young director looking to capture the zeitgeist of the 1960s.

All the Colors of the Rainbow Man

Rainbow Man includes a credit for “Mescaline Hallucination Envisioned By,” so you know you’re in for…well, something. Indeed the film’s plot reads like someone took some mescaline to come up with it.

Portrait of American musician Ian MacKaye from Minor Threat and Fugazi, London, 1991. (Photo by Martyn Goodacre/Getty Images)

The Word Is…

Here’s the word straight from 1991. An interview with Fugazi’s Ian MacKaye, conducted after a show in Louisville and featuring a rotating cast of locals dropping in to ask questions.

Ain’t That a Kick in the Head

Know what Samuel Fuller was doing right before he sat down to write Brainquake, and you can better understand why Brainquake turned out as bizarre as it did — aside, that is, from simply being a product of the mind of Samuel Fuller, which was fertile soil for the strange and sublime.


Digital Dérive

You’ve arrived at a train station. Exactly where it is, who can say? Exactly what brought you here? That’s unclear. Maybe you’re searching for something, or running away from something. Maybe you just felt like wandering.

Cyberpunk for a Cyberpunk World

In the world of Jump 225, human society has been destroyed and rebuilt. The frontier in technology revolves around human biochemistry — apps for your body.

Death to Life Day

A lot of people have vague memories of a Star Wars holiday special, but beyond that their memories go blurry. Maybe they recall it had something or other to do with wookiees, but specifics are difficult to drag up — and not without good reason.

The Dandy Doctor

Jon Pertwee’s Doctor Who may have spent much of his run stranded on Earth with no TARDIS, but what he lacked in space travel he made up for with stunts, action, and fabulous mod outfits.